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We have prepared several articles that interpret each verse in the Book of Revelation.  Jesus evaluates the spiritual health of the seven churches, opens the seven-seal scroll, tests the Main Harvest Christians and the twelves tribes of Israel, unleashes His wrath upon unsaved mankind, returns for the Battle of Armageddon, begins His Millennial reign, judges Satan and the fallen angels and unsaved mankind and reigns over Heaven and Earth in Eternity.

Summary of the Book of Revelation - A summary of each chapter of the Book of Revelation and the time frame it takes place is given in table form. 

What You Have Seen - The time frame is before the start of the Tribulation.  John greets the seven churches of Asia minor and a vision of the Son of Man is given.

What is Now/The Seven Churches - The time frame is before the First Fruits Rapture.  Jesus observes the spiritual health of the seven churches.

What Will Take Place Later - The time frame is the First Fruits Rapture.  The grand throne in Heaven and the First Fruits Rapture are described. 

The Seven Sealed Scroll - The time frame is the beginning of the Tribulation. The seven-sealed scroll is handed to Jesus Christ.

Opening of the First Six Seals - The first six seals of the scroll are opened and the precursor to the wrath of God that will shortly follow is described.

Preparation for the Day of The Lord - The 144,000 faithful Jews are called by Jesus and any Christians still alive are taken to Heaven in the Main Harvest Rapture.

The Seventh Seal is Opened and The Trumpet Judgments are Unleashed - The wrath of God is poured out on unrepentant mankind via catastrophic judgments.

More Trumpet Judgments - The wrath of God continues on unsaved mankind.

The Mighty Angel and the Little Scroll - John is commanded to eat the little scroll which tastes sweet in his mouth, but bitter in his stomach.

The Two Witnesses - God uses Enoch and Elijah to predict the judgments of God upon unsaved mankind.

The Seventh Trumpet - The final judgments of God upon unsaved mankind are ready to be unleashed upon the earth by Almighty God.

The Antichrist and the False Prophet - The Antichrist and False Prophet are allowed control over the earth for three and one-half years.  Main Harvest Christians will be severely tested during this time.

The Reaping of the Earth - The time frame is the middle of the tribulation period and gives some more details of the 144,000 Jews who were saved at the middle of the tribulation period.  The winepress of the wrath of God is described.

The Bowls of God's Wrath - God the Father commands that the seven bowls of His wrath be unleashed upon the earth.

More Bowls of God's Wrath - The seven bowls of God's judgment are described in detail.

The Fall of Babylon - The great end-time power Babylon is described in detail.  The time frame is before the Tribulation starts and culminates near the end of the Tribulation with the complete destruction of Babylon.

Song of Hallelujah in Heaven - Jesus returns and the Antichrist and False Prophet are captured then judged, then cast into the lake of fire for eternal destruction.

The Millennial Reign - Jesus reigns on the earth for one thousand years.  The unsaved are judged at the great white throne and then are cast into hell for eternity.

A New Heaven and a New Earth - The dwelling place of all Christians and Old Testament saints comes down from Heaven and is described in detail.

The Final Word from God - The time frame is now.  Jesus encourages all Christians to be watching for His return and encourages them to remain faithful to Him.