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The purpose of this website is to encourage Christians across the world to live in faithful obedience to God, for we are now living in the last days of the Church age.  It is our observation that there are some Christians today that are not enthusiastically following God as commanded by Jesus in the Holy Bible.  They have experienced a belief in Jesus Christ as Savior and are saved by grace for eternity, but they are not living the faithful life that Jesus has commanded for all believers:

Mark 8:34 (ASV 1901) He called unto him the multitude with his disciples, and said unto them, If any man would come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

The many articles and podcasts that we have placed on this website are to encourage you to be faithful to the above verse.  We also include articles that analyze some of the more difficult to understand verses in the Holy Bible such as prophecy and warnings for the Christian:

Recent Additions

New Article: 
Smyrna: the Tribulation Church

New Article:
Let's discuss When could Jesus return?

New Article:
All scripture is important, even: Names in Scripture.

New article:
This is a detailed analysis of the final judgment described in chapter 20 of the Book of Revelation: The Great White Throne Judgment .

New article:
Let's study scripture to determine if all Christians will be taken to Heaven before the beginning of the Tribulation: The Rapture.

Begin your own study of the Book of Revelation.  Questions are given for all 22 chapters: Revelation Questions.

God forgives us of our sins and we should forgive others of their sins against us.  Failure to forgive is: An Unforgivable Sin.

It is possible that a Christian that is currently a member of the Church at Philadelphia could now fail Jesus Christ and miss being taken to Heaven in the First Fruits Rapture.  Here is a strong warning: Church at Philadelphia, don't let anyone take your Crown of Life.

In the Book of Revelation, the Church at Philadelphia is only praised by Jesus Christ.  Some suggestions for forming  A Philadelphia Home Church are given.

The last few days or  months before the Tribulation and the  instruction and discipleship He will give to Main Harvest Christians are described in:
The Last Days of the Church Age.  

Could some Christian churches be revived before the start of the Tribulation?  Find out what we think: Will there be a Revival of the Church?

What happens to the unfaithful Christian when they get to Heaven? The Unfaithful Christian.

Several Muslim nations attack Israel in the first half of the Tribulation: Ezekiel chapter 38 and 39.

Read to find out when Babylon will be destroyed in the Tribulation: The Destruction of Babylon.

Israel will build a temple in Jerusalem and Antichrist will desecrate it at mid-Tribulation: The Tribulation Temple.

At the end of the Tribulation, Jesus returns and destroys all of the armies of the world: The Battle of Armageddon.

Jesus opens seal three--hyperinflation, seal four--war, death and plague and seal five--persecution of Christians left behind: Seals three, four and five.

We have prepared a new article: Jesus will send Division in His Churches.  It is a difficult one to read and it was difficult to put together because of the severity of the verses.  I believe that this is an article that may shock some people in the church, but so be it.  These verses (Luke 12:51-56)  are from Jesus, so they are very important.

Read The Millennial Kingdom to find out about the events that will take place when Jesus Christ returns and sets up His Kingdom on the earth. 

An alliance against Israel will soon form and will be determined to destroy Israel: Psalm83: an alliance forms against Israel

Prophecy Articles in Spanish, Portuguese and Russian

Spanish: Artículos Profecía - Muchos artículos se han escrito en la que discutir la salvación del alma, la profecía y los tiempos finales. Se incluyen los artículos del libro de Apocalipsis.

Portuguese: Profecia artigos - Muitos artigos foram escritos que abordam a salvação da alma, profecia e do fim dos tempos. Incluídos são os artigos do livro do Apocalipse.

Russian: Предсказания статьи - Много статей было написано, что обсуждение спасение души, пророчества и в конце времен. Включены статьи из книги Откровения.

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