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Parables of Jesus    Listen to .mp3 propecy podcasts.

Several parables of Jesus are explained in detail.

The Kingdom of God -  The three aspects of the Kingdom of God are described.

The Laborers - The different types of Christians that serve God are described.

The Talents - Main Harvest Christians will serve Christ during the first half of the Tribulation.  Two will serve faithfully, the third Christian will not faithfully serve Jesus during this time of testing.

The Sheep, The Coin and the Prodigal Son - The parable of the sheep, the coin and the prodigal son illustrates the doctrine of divine election. The parable concerns the three elect peoples of God—saved Gentiles, the Church, and saved Jews.

The Two Sons - This parable describes the failure of the chief priests and Pharisees to be obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ and enter the Kingdom of God.

The Vineyard - This is a parable about the unfaithfulness of Israel to do the righteous works that God had provided for them to do.

The Marriage - This parable is about a wedding prepared by a King for His Son and pertains to the call of the Church and the taking out of the Gentiles a bride for Jesus Christ.

The Pounds - This parable is a picture of the sheep and goat judgment at the Second Coming of Christ in power and glory.

The Prudent Steward - This parable describes an unfaithful Christian in the last days just before the start of the Tribulation and his response to Christ when confronted with the observation that he has been unfaithful.

The Seven Parables of The Kingdom - These seven parables describe the various types of Christians of the church age and their response to Jesus' command to obey and follow Him in faith.

The Ten Virgins - This parable contrasts those believers that will be taken in the First Fruits Rapture and those believers that will be left behind to be tested in the fires of the first half of the Tribulation.

The Sower - Jesus elects four types of believers during the church age.  Only one is faithful.

The Judge of Unrighteousness - At mid-tribulation Jesus will judge those who persecute the Main Harvest Christians.