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We have prepared several articles that explain Soul Salvation, the need to live a righteous life for God, and the need to be watching for the return of Jesus Christ for the First Fruits Rapture. 

Soul vs Spirit Salvation - Soul and Spirit are defined in the Holy Bible.  The Christian's spirit and body are saved by faith in Jesus.  It is a free gift from God.  The Soul is saved by being faithful to Jesus.

The Philadelphia Christian - The Godly characteristics of the Philadelphia Christian are discussed.  They will be taken by Jesus in the First Fruits Rapture and miss all seven years of the Tribulation.

How to Crucify Self - Included are suggestions for crucifying your sinful human nature and allowing Christ to rule in your life, ensuring the salvation of your soul.

The Old Man Must Die - Scripture is examined that discusses the need to die to self so the soul will be saved at the judgment seat of Christ.

A Book of Remembrance - Philadelphia Christians are now readying, obeying and thinking about Jesus Christ, even in their private moments.  Those righteous thoughts and works are remembered by God.

Imputed Righteousness vs Practical Righteousness - Every born-again Christian has the Imputed Righteousness of Christ, but every Christian is exhorted to seek after the Practical Righteousness of God.

Eternal Life - The Christian that follows Jesus and puts Him first in his life will inherit eternal life.

Repentance - Must a Christian repent of his sins in order to be saved spiritually? The Biblical answer to this question is simple, but the explanation is very complex for those Christians with a superficial understanding of the Bible.

Salvation Past, Present and Future - The salvation of the spirit, of the body and of the soul are discussed in detail in this article.

The Book of Life - All Christians names are initially written in the Book of Life.  However, a Christian will have his name blotted out of this book if he is unfaithful to God.

The Bride of Christ - Scripture that define the Bride of Christ are discussed.  These are the most faithful believers in Jesus.

No Man Knows the Day and Hour - All Christians need to be watching for the return of Jesus for the First Fruits Rapture.  Sadly, most Christians are not watching for His return.

Do Not Forsake Assembling Together - The Apostle Paul exhorts Christians to meet often to discuss the return of Jesus for the First Fruits Rapture and to encourage each other to live a righteous life for God.

The Gospel--What Is It? - The Gospel of Grace and the Gospel of Christ are examined in detail from verses from the Holy Bible.

God's Covenant of Works - In the Book of Ephesians, Paul exhorts Christians to perform righteous deeds for God.  Jesus promises great rewards to those that live their lives for Him and not for themselves.

Spiritual Rebirth - Spiritual rebirth is a work of God and not of man.  No works by man are required for spirit salvation for the Christian.

The Five Crowns - There are five levels of reward for the most faithful of Jesus Christ.  All five crowns are earned by the Christian and the verses that explain these crowns are discussed in detail in this article.

The Beckoning for the Return of Jesus - Jesus wants us to ask Him to return for the First Fruits Rapture in Revelation, chapter 22.  Here is the beckoning we lift up to Him.

Washing by Jesus is Necessary - Jesus must cleanse us from our contact with the world.

An in-depth study of Eternal Life - We have collected all verses that discuss eternal life and explain them in this article.

Prayer: a hands-on workbook - Suggestions are given for improving your prayer life, including specific prayers you can lift up to God.

Are rewards important? - Rewards are mentioned many times in the Bible and are important to God and should be to Christians.

Revival - Will there be a revival of American Christians in these last days of the Church age?