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The Law of Sin and Death - From Ezekiel 18: The soul that sinneth shall die.

Christians Left Behind - Unfaithful Christians will be tested for the first 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation.

The Judgment Seat of Christ - Each Christian will give an account to Christ of their works for their time upon the earth.

The Unpardonable Sin - There is only one sin that Jesus will not forgive.

A Warning for the Church of Philadelphia - Jesus' most faithful followers are encouraged to remain true to Him during these last days of the Church age.

The Great Delusion (The Lie) - God allows unfaithful Christians to experience a great delusion: they will believe a lie that many pastors, deacons and teachers are giving to church members.

Hell - Scripture is analyzed to determine what Hell really is, as opposed to what many preachers and teachers are telling their congregations.

Gehenna vs Life - Faithful Christians will realize soul salvation at the Judgment Seat of Christ and unfaithful Christians will experience death of the soul.

God Hates Complaining - Christians should never complain about anything.

God Hates Murmuring - Christans should not murmur about anything.

To Perish or not to Perish - Unfaithful Christians will lose the salvation of their souls and faithful Christians' souls will be saved at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Will you warn others? - A faithful Christian will warn other believers about the need to live a righteous life for Jesus and avoid being left behind to experience persecution during the first half of the Tribulation.

The Unfaithful Christian - What will be the place for the unfaithful Christian in Heaven?

Jesus will send Division in His Churches.  What happens in the church when you want to discuss the Book of Revelation?

Special Information

General frequently asked questions - Q&A's regarding soul salvation and prophecy are given.

Book of Revelation frequently asked questions - Q&A's regarding the Book of Revelation are given.

Jeremiah chapter 50 and 51 frequently asked questions - Q&A's regarding the doom of Babylon are given.

Antichrist frequently asked questions - Q&A's regarding the Antichrist are given.

Biblical Typology - Bible keywords are explained.

Last days timeline - Events of the last days in a chronological order are shown.


                        presentation  Powerpoint: Daniel's seventy weeks

                        presentation  Powerpoint: Basic beliefs

                        presentation  Powerpoint: Calvinism vs Arminianism